Human Nature Dance Theatre celebrated its twentieth year in returning to the Colly Soleri Music Center with NIGHT DRESSES AS DAY, a retrospective look at the future.

[photo by Sue Kirsch]

Night dressed as Day explores the way that one world speaks to another: unknown to known, extra-ordinary to ordinary, vision to memory.

[this and the following images are still photos cut from video of a performance purposely conducted in very dim light; please excuse grainy images: Sue Kirsch]

Human Nature: “As the twenty-first century begins to become comfortable with itself, as a blind juggler of multiple realms, we begin to tentatively see how we might find a new way of being in the world.

Human Nature Dance Theatre creates cutting edge, original dance performance works.

As a collective of multi-disciplinary performers we collaborate with other artists emphasizing experimental, environmental, cross-disciplinary and inter-generational perspectives.

We intend our work to be a model for how diverse people can support and learn from one another in artistic collaboration.”

It was an intelligent and passionate performance that explored the depth of human interaction with ourselves and others, as well as the world around us. Beautiful, heartbreaking, funny, exilerating and thought-provoking, performed with assured excellence. Bravo!

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