ArcoLabs TxDy Hackathon 2013

Mark Pierce: “Converging at Arcosanti Thanksgiving weekend, technology enthusiasts of all ages and experience participated in the first ArcoLabs hackathon.

The 48 hour event focused on exploring data logger capabilities of the Raspberry Pi micro controller platform. Intended uses include year round greenhouse environment analytics, observation of passive solar application, and good clean fun.

[photo by Jeff Kunzelman, text by Mark Pierce]

Engaging participants at all levels, activities included: teardown sessions (exploring the inner designs of common electronics), 3D printing, hacking the Chi (mind body cultivation,) and more.

Special thanks to Jeff Kunzelman, alumnus, for providing hardware components and introducing Big Data concepts (such as Splunk.) Fractal (, a technology collective based in Phoenix sponsored the event with snacks, and contributed expertise towards the event’s project goals.”

[photo and text by Mark Pierce]

Jeff Kunzelman: “Thanksgiving weekend provided a new opportunity for Arcosanti residents and visitors to converge and exchange ideas at the TxDy Arcolabs hackathon. 

Under full solar power in Arcosanti’s solar classroom, presentations were given on using Arcosanti residents Mark Pierce and Anne Marie Vaduva helped to organize the event along with a number of other residents who were interested in creating and learning. A few new twitter accounts were created and maybe even a few future programmers.  Anne Marie is currently researching ways to educate K-12 students about the environment and will utilize some of the information gathered at TxDy.

[photo by Anne Marie Vaduva, text by Jeff Kunzelman]

Ravi Singh attended from California twiter:@ravidsinghbiz built a linux computer out of recycled parts found at Arcosanti. This will be used with a 3D printer built by Travis Neal an Arcosanti Resident.

Joining from Phoenix were Fractal who provided an excellent inventory of healthy snack foods for participants. Presentations from Fractal got everyone started with javascript and node.js. A few beginners now are coding javascript. Thanks to their help!

A seminar on Big Data and Architecture was presented by Jeff Kunzelman. Following the presentation an effort to learn about using RasberryPi’s to monitor environmental data created prototype hardware for future greenhouse and building and weather monitoring systems. Future projects include building a network of AirPi sensors to monitor microclimates at Arcosanti and also connect to a world wide grid of like sensors.”

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