Last Thursday, January 23., the Cosanti Foundation Executive Committee held its second Strategic Planning Retreat in a conference room at the nearby Orme School, with ALT, the Arcosanti Leadership Team and some of the department managers and staff. 

Attending were
Mary Hoadley, Cosanti Foundation director and treasurer;
Roger Tomalty, Cosanti Foundation director, and director of Cosanti Originals and Soleri Scupture Studio;
Cosanti Foundation director, and director of the Soleri Archives, as well as director of Design, Tomiaki Tamura;
Cosanti Foundation President Jeff Stein;
Utilities manager Scott Riley;

Ron Chandler, manager of Grounds keeping and Welding;
Maintenance manager Randall Schultz;
Andy Chao, Foundry manager;
David Tollas, Foundry and maintenance staff;
Nadia Begin, Ceramics studio staff;
Kip Hersted, Maintenance and Tourism;
Kate Bememsderfer, PR and Development;
Travis Shappell, Planning coordinator;
Ali Sadiqui, Cafe manager;
Danny Derosiers, Cafe staff;
Jane Tellini, Ceramics Studio manager;
Travis Neal, AIS Network and Phone services; 
and taking the photo was Hanne Sue Kirsch, manager of the Soleri Archives.

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