Here are photos of additional artwork at the Arcosanti Resident Artshow.

Painting by Jane Tellini, who manages the Arcosanti ceramics studio.

[photos by Sue Kirsch]

“The Napping Man of the North” by Daniel Wagner, presently part of the Arcosanti scholarship program.

Pendants by Erin O’Loughlin. Erin is part of the ceramics crew at Arcosanti.

“Arcosanti” by Haryaksha Gregor. Haryaksha is part of the foundry crew at Cosanti.

Photography by Steven Bochinski. Steven is presently doing his workshop after completing the scholarship program.

Steven: “My Metal Prints are actually printed directly on the aluminum sheets by a dye sublimation process, the lab just calls them Metal Prints – there is no paper and no mounting.”

“Powertool Symphony” by Sal Tellini, also part of the ceramics crew at Arcosanti

The Residents art show will be exhibited in the Café at Arcosanti until April 28, 2014. A range of original arts and crafts pieces will be available for viewing and for sale from 9am – 5pm each day of the exhibit.

For more information see this link

or contact the exhibit curator, Cliff Hersted, at 928-632-6200

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