We had a visit on Tuesday 3/11/2014 from the Peoria STEM Club, from Trilogy at Vistancia, an active lifestyle community in Peoria.

[photos by Chihiro Saito and text by Kate Bemesderfer]

The group of 48 was here to take an architectural tour of Arcosanti with Cosanti Foundation President Jeff Stein and Arcosanti Planning Manager Travis Shappell. 

Many had never been here before, and all enjoyed learning about the history of the site and the design principles of arcology.

STEM is a nationally-recognized acronym that stands for “Science, Technology, Engineering & Math.”  While it is often used in conjunction with school curriculum, in this case, STEM denotes a group of seasoned professionals, many of them from those four fields, as well as architects, artists, educators, and many others.

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