Welcome to the March 22. 2014 workshop participants. Most of the group are architecture students from Morgan State University. This is the second year that teachers Pavlina Ilieva and Kuo Pao Lian brought their students to Arcosanti for a one-week seminar.

from left: Ralph Harper [seminar week], Edward Leedy [seminar week], Mary Selsor [seminar week], Bob Burkett [seminar week and week two], Jakeal Selby [seminar week], Ryan Shaaban [seminar week], Steven Jones [seminar week], Sara Shaaban [seminar week], Carol “Lily” Ericsson [full 5 weeks], Cameron Harris-Walker [seminar week], Camessia Johnson [seminar week], Dante Hilton-Ono [full 5 weeks], teacher Pavlina Ilieva [week 2], and Rebecca Cooley [full 5 weeks].

[photo] Morgan State teachers Pavlina Ilieva and Kuo Pao Lian with their daughter Eva.

Part of the workshop, not in the photos, are Katherine Engleman [seminar week], Justin Graham [week 2], Courtney Morgan [week 2].

[photos by Chihiro Saito]

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