On the evening of Sunday, March 30th, residents and guests of Arcosanti gathered in the cafe after dinner for a coffeehouse-style concert from the indie electro-pop band Technicolor Hearts. 

[photos by Tomiaki Tamura, text by Kate Bemesderfer]

The Austin-based duo (singer and violinist Naomi Cherie and keyboardist and guitarist Joseph Salazar, with special appearances by their wonderful dog Amadeus) were excited to visit Arcosanti for the first time as part of their ongoing tour of Texas, Arizona and California in support of their new album, “Under the Big Blue Umbrella Sky.”

Their set at Arcosanti began with the taunting and haunting “Pretty” before weaving through the autobiographical “Annie,” the rotary-phone vocals of “Corpus Christi,” and, as a grand finale, the crowd-driven “Chorus of Friends.”  We hope to see them back at Arcosanti soon, and to see more intimate events like this throughout the year!

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