The fourth ANNUAL BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL took place on Saturday April 26, 2013 from 10 am – 6 pm.

The weather was not very cooperative, it rained on and off and it was very cold and windy in the morning, so the event was moved from the amphitheater to the Crafts III cafe. Here are some of the highlights of this years Bluegrass Festival.

Howard Mathews, Max Hawkins, Ellen Tyler and Louis Mackall of the POTATO PATCH BAND, starting the day with a spunky beat of Traditional Country, Bluegrass and Folk songs.

[images and text by Sue Kirsch]

They were followed by CISCO & THE RACECARS, a group of very talented young musicians, who played a lively set of Traditional and Modern Bluegrass. Joelle Tambe Ebot, Francisco Brisenio, Mark Hickler, Giselle Lee and Katie Buetow.

Fran Riggs, Ross Riggs and Bernie Seely of DESERT ROUTES delighted the audience with old time Country songs.

Traditional Bluegrass, here with Larry Martell, Red Wilson, Rick Ramsey and John Svenson of SUPERSTITION RIDGE.

The weather finally cleared enough to move the event back to the amphitheater and here are the kids, young and older, of JAM PACK BUES & GRASS. This group was started by music teacher Annie Beach and has been part of the HighCountry Bluegrass festival at Arcosanti for the last three years. Jam Pak Blues n’ Grass also hosted a free full day workshop with guitars, fiddles, banjos, mandolins, dulcimers, and wash-tub bass for children and adults.

The event was hosted by the Highway 69 Chamber of Commerce.

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