On Friday, May 9th, Numinous Blue appeared for the first time on the Arcosanti stage, playing a sunset show in the amphitheater. Comprised of Native American flutist Kel Mockingbird and pianist/marimba-player/singer Bradley Blalock, the duo brought out the stars with their soulful collaborations.  Their concert blended live performance with pre-recorded tracks, creating richly-textured pieces drawing on international musical traditions. 

[photos by Steven Bochinski, text by Kate Bemesderfer]

Perhaps the most extraordinary moments of the show came when Bradley, a longtime friend of Arcosanti (some of you may have had the privilege of enjoying his other talent as a massage therapist at past events), paired his harmonic throat singing with Kel’s soaring woodwinds. The final song of their set was inspired by the thought of being able to turn upside-down and walk among the stars.

Kel encouraged the audience to meditate, practice yoga, or even fall asleep (but be sure to snore on key!) as he and Bradley wandered out into the cosmos. 

Several encores and long conversations with the musicians brought the enchanting evening to a close. 

Special thanks to Parker Music School in Prescott for generously lending their marimba!

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