Saturday evenings performance was a culmination of a two-week workshop of stilt-walking and acrobatics. It was wonderful to see the intense sessions taking place in various locations at Arcosanti.

[photo and text by Sue Kirsch]

Participating were members from the performance groups The workshop was open to public participation and three staff members from the Arcosanti team took advantage of the opportunity and signed up for the two-week “Silt Congress” and got to take part in the performances as well. A report from the three will be posted next week.

[photo by Conrad Strano-Macanany]

The Saturday evening performance was spread over different sites here at Arcosanti. That meant that the public had to travel with the stilt acrobats to locations like the Ceramic Apse, the Vaults, the Minds Garden, the Sky-Theater and the Colly Soleri Amphitheater.

[photo by Steven Bochinski]

Accompanying the first performance of the evening “The Legislation”, were ambulant musicians Meg Bohrmann on accordion, Inesis Vitols on violin and Jonathan Best on vocals and keyboard. Following “The Legislation,” the musical trio presented a short concert before Carpetbag Brigade presented their internationally-renowned acrostilt performance “Callings.”

[photo by Sue Kirsch]

Poet We hope the photos explain a little bit because its hard to put into words all of the heart and very hard work that goes into putting this kind of performance together.

Thank you to everyone, it was a Treat!

[photo by Steven Bochinski]

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