This years JUNETEENTH Festival took place this past Saturday and Sunday, June 7. and 8. 2014.

Once again this was an event with a line-up of awesome musicians, some returning to the Arcosanti stage and some very good people that were here for the first time.

The event started with the beautiful voice of Marilynn Carter, accompanied by Ray Carter.

[photos and text by Sue Kirsch]

Here we see the Miles Dalto Trio performing the first set on Saturday, Louis Landon on piano, Bob McKeon on drums and bassist Sean Brogan.

Sherry Roberson and on drums Bob McKeon.

Here is singer Ray Brown with Miles Dalto on piano, Ray Carter on bass and Bob McKeon on drums.

The Saturday evening party in the Vaults featured the Tommy Dukes Blues Band.

One cannot say enough about the level of excellence that this years performers brought to the Arcosanti stage.

More about this event will be posted on Monday, June 16. 2014.

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