London artist Marie Lund visited Arcosanti in December of 2012 and imagined right away that the sun-bleached curtains in our guestrooms held the transformative memories of climate and place, and that they could become a centerpiece for an art installation she was working on in Europe.

[photos and text by Jeff Stein]

And now they have. Part of an exhibition entitled, DRUMS, the Arcosanti guestroom curtains (from all 11 rooms) have already been displayed at Here is part of the text of the exhibition catalogue, written by Pieternel Vermoortel:
“The canvas carries the outline of the landscape, the architecture, the frame of the window, the folds, the seams and the movements of the curtain pulled back and forth. The process of recording coincides with the erasure of color. Once detached from their original location they now start to document their own history and ephemeral nature…they become still…the traces start to fade as they play back their own history, until the material is exhausted.”

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