On Tuesday, June 24th, nearly 40 students from ASU’s SummerBridge program visited Arcosanti for the morning.  The students are all rising 9th graders in ASU’s Preparatory High Schools, and will be attending the downtown Phoenix campus or the polytechnic campus this fall. 

[photos by Sue Kirsch, text by Kate Bemesderfer]

For their summer program, they are investigating “author’s effect,” and this week, the emphasis is on architects. 

Having already visited Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West, the young scholars came to Arcosanti ready to explore the relationship between Paolo Soleri’s writing and the Arcosanti project itself. 

Tour guides Travis Shappell and Kate Bemesderfer gave each group a customized site tour (including some behind-the-scenes peeks), answered questions, and provided additional reading material (including an image of a page from one of Paolo’s own sketchbooks) from “Quaderno 11: Arcosanti.” 

The students displayed their intelligence and curiosity throughout the morning, asking questions and taking photos to gather information for what are sure to be some impressive essays!

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