On June 24. 2014 the Pavilion Stage at Taliesin was set up with nine 4×7 foot photo murals featuring and describing the work and mission of the “Two Worlds Community Foundation.” This 501(c)3 Public Charity is a design-based educational organization focused on all aspects relating to how we live with each other as well as the relationships between all of humanity and the workings of nature upon which all else depends.

[photo and text by Vern Swabeck]

The evening began with informal discussions regarding the design-related displays prepared for the event. Once seated, the program started with a performance by the Charles Lewis Quintet, using the improvisational interplay between the musician to illustrate the dynamics and artfulness of community. The audience was at all times invited to make comments or ask questions.

Other presenters included the pioneering work of Bryan Bealieau who is currently developing a program to involve 4th and 5th graders all over the world in the research and development of a 440 foot diameter model of the earth, which will be under continuous redevelopment, not only to tract the changing dynamics of the world, but to enlist each new generation of the world’s 4th and 5th grade children.

Trisha McCarty is the award-winning founder and President of StarShine Academy and the StarShine concept for extending educational outreach all over the world. She presented her “School in a Box” concept along with an account of her pioneering work to date.

Vernon Swaback, a former Taliesin apprentice, architect, planner and crusading author discussed the dynamic changes which are reshaping both our American way of life and the greater world beyond, all in the context of design.

The most global view concerning the changing dynamics of community was presented by Jeff Stein. Jeff is an award-winning architect, writer and educator who was the long-time Dean of the Boston Architectural College and is now president of Cosanti Foundation, the urban research organization founded by Paolo Soleri.

The common denominator of the multi-themed program centered around the urgent joy of community – urgent because without mastering the art of community, there can be no human future; and joyful because there is nothing more exciting than what Frank Lloyd Wright demonstrated and described as “taking a positive hand in creation.”  

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