Construction crew leader Paolo Van Erp’s latest project is a new railing for the roof of Unit 6 in the East Crescent.

The elements have slowly nibbled at what once was a sturdy wooden railing on the west edge right above the keystone and it needs to be replaced. 

[Keystone is the open space between five units on the West part and five units on the East side of the East Crescent].

The construction crew, which includes some of the workshop participants, puts up scaffolding in the keystone to reach the places where the old wooden railing is mounted to the wall.

Paolo Van Erp and workshop participant Lucas Klein welded together pieces of the new railing in the metalshop and are carrying a section up to the roof to fit it into place.

[photos and text by Sue Kirsch]

Paolo grinds the railing at welding spots to prepare for a good clean connection.

Here we see the new railing leaning against the old wooden railing and the existing white railing which has to be connected.

Report continues on Monday August 11. 2014.

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