We continue our report about upgrade work in the East Crescent Keystone area. You can see an elevation and a plan of this project in our report from August 15. and the beginning of the work is reported on 8/20/2014. Continuing reports were posted on 9/1, 9/3, and on 9/10, 9/12, 9/15, 9/22 and 9/26/2014.

The form for the stairs is in place, plus guides for the crew and a ramp for the mixed concrete to slide into place.

[photos and text by Sue Kirsch]
Part of the crew is mixing the cement and another part of the crew guides and shovels the concrete into place.

And part of the crew finishes the surface of the individual stairs,

This has been a difficult task. As the concrete is poured for the second and third step, the weight of it has to be guided to not increase the mass of the first step.

Ron Chandler periodically washes the still wet concrete steps and uses a heavy brush to roughen the surface before the concrete cures.

More to come.

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