Human Nature Dance Theater is a familiar part of the Colly Soleri Music Center autumn events line-up.

Each year for the past 16 years the group has come to spend a week at Arcosanti. A week during which a theme has been selected and contemplated by each member before arrival, a theme that during just this one week goes through intense discussion and rehearsal, and develops into a Saturday night public performance.

This years performance was on October 4. 2014 with the title ‘Weatherwild” [we_at_her_wild], an original work that told the story of the groups emotional engagement with climate chaos.

As in previous years this group went straight to the heart of the subject. Human situations were presented through dance, mime and verbal expression, at times with a news announcer talking about the ‘worsening’ weather and conditions in a dry and unemotional voice in the background.

The performance was thoughtful, sometimes highly charged, sometimes intentionally simple-minded, almost pathetic and heartbreaking, showing the essence of some of the sides of the human condition in the face of overwhelming circumstances, with compassion and without sarcasm.

Another “Great” performance, we look forward to next year.

[photos and text by Sue Kirsch, also text from the event announcement]

Human Nature: “Out of rock, water, air and fire come ecosystems. From cause, comes effect. Over time patterns emerge. Extreme elements arise out of chaotic patterns like emotions stirring within us. We live everyday with the ebb and flow of comfort and difficulty. Yearning for adventure and then longing for home, we become interconnected with the place where we reside. Therefore, we feel what the earth feels. We listen when she speaks.”

Human Nature Dance Theater (HNDT) creates cutting edge, original dance performance works. As a collective of multi-disciplinary performers we collaborate with other artists emphasizing experimental, environmental, cross-disciplinary and inter-generational perspectives. Human Nature Dance Theater was formed in 1994 by long-time collaborators Delisa Myles, Jayne Lee and Paul Moore and is often joined by other artists such as Francis Martineau, Breanna Rogers, Mizu Desierto, Nathan Montgomery and Bob Webb. HNDT is a non-profit organization funded by the City of Flagstaff and Flagstaff Arts Council.

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