This past Sunday Nov. 2.2014, some sixty members of the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy ended their convention in Phoenix with a trip to Arcosanti.

First suggested by Conservancy past-president, Larry Woodin and arranged by Conservancy events manager Joel Hoglund, the visit included tours of Arcosanti, a visit to the Soleri Archive and a terrific lunch in the Café at Arcosanti.

[photos by Sue Kirsch, text by Jeff Stein]

Almost no one connected with Wright has explored the world of architecture – or explored the world through architecture – more fully than Paolo Soleri. Quite a bit of that exploration was influenced by ideas the young architect confronted at Taliesin and Taliesin West during the first 18 months of his career. And so a visit to Arcosanti was a natural extension of the Wright group’s interests.  
The architect and planner (and famous Wright apprentice) Vern Swaback wrote in a museum catalogue just last year, “Paolo Soleri has not only designed, built and mentored with an uncommon sense of stewardship for creation, this commitment has been at the very core of his every act and deed. While he has an uncommonly rich history, it is in the future where the example of his life and work will shine all the brighter.” That’s what members of the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy came to experience.

As an exclamation point to their visit, on their return bus trip to Phoenix, members of the Conservancy viewed Aimee Madsen’s Soleri documentary, BEYOND FORM.  Aimee herself, the film’s director, and producer Roger Tomalty were at Arcosanti to introduce the film on the bus.

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