The Aimee brought back a few photos of the event:

“Here are some photos from our magical time at NVFF. Beyond Form was well received, shown through laughter, gasps, clapping and tears at Sundays screening in Napa. It was a real gift to have some of the original people who broke ground at Arcosanti attend the screening.

Overlooking the town of Calistoga

On the way to a screening/near St. Helena

“Paolo Soleri: Beyond Form”

Director and producer Aimee Madsen

Screenwriter Roger Tomalty

Narrated by Peter Coyote

Film Mixer at the Beaulieu Vineyard

Some of the original ground breakers at Arcosanti pose for a picture after the second screeing in Napa:

(from left)
Jim Labioda, Karen Klonsky, Mary Hoadley,
Roger Tomalty, Joni Bissell, Ted Bissell,
Kathy Ziccardi, Kat Tomalty, Yves Boisrame,
Amelia Straight, Christian Straight.

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