Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend 21 participants took part in Arcosanti’s annual hack-a-thon. Topics included wifi security, mobile app development, geocaching, and 3D printing.

Software Ops, a Ian Schlueter spent the weekend working with participants’ designs and printing them with a Rosock Max Delta printer from Arcosanti foundry workers are looking into the possibility to combine 3D printed models with traditional sand casting techniques.

Jeff Kunzelman organized the event and  began work on a location based messaging app for Arcosanti. The app will allow users to leave messages at various locations around for other users who can retrieve them with their app. Future plans include games, photo posting and environment logging.

Members from Alice Kulikowski brought her family to learn about Raspberry Pi micro = computers an their applications. The Raspberry Pi is a ultra affordable = PC geared towards educating users in micro electronics.

Over all it was a great weekend of sharing knowledge among Arcosanti residents and participants. Everyone left with new ideas!

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