This past October, Arcosanti was host to 11 women gathering in the spirit of “True You” for the Magical Mamas Retreat.  Link to website The event was organized by Arcosanti resident and holistic health coach, Colleen Reckow, transformational and holistic health coach, Blue Russ of Tempe, and midwife and hypnotist, Jennifer Hoeprich of Tempe.

Activities during the two-day, one-night retreat included: yoga, chakra clearing, active listening, goddess shower, bonfire, singing, ceramics, sound healing, and magical food.

Jennifer and Blue are demonstrating the Goddess Shower. It is a powerful experience of receiving.

More photos about this event will be posted on Friday, December 19. 2014.

Colleen Reckow
Arcosanti Resident
Certified Holistic Health Coach
Seek Health, Nurture Happiness

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