Welcome to a group of eight students from the ARCHITECTURAL ASSOCIATION in London and two of their professors.

The group is here for a seminar week that includes extensive tours of Cosanti and Arcosanti, lectures about Paolo Soleri and his work, as well as the History and Geography of the surrounding region. The students had introductions into the various departments on site such as Planning, Construction, Archives, Facilities Maintenance and Groundskeeping.

The students also visited the Biosphere Project and Taliesin West.

from left:
Professor Andrew Wai Tat Yau,
Thomas Veiteberg Holan,
Kerry Dickinson,
Dimitar Dobrev,
Peng Qin,
Ping Hsian Chen,
Professor Jonas Lundberg,
Anand Naiknavare,
Atira Ariffin,
Tom Hatzor

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