This past weekend Arcosanti hosted the fourth annual Meet & Greet Fiber Retreat.

It was a wonderful two days filled with knitting, weaving, crocheting, felting, and more!

[photos by Sue Kirsch, text by Julia Dorn-Giarmoleo]

The Fiber Retreat featured a variety of classes and presentations, and allowed for over 120 fiber artists from all over the country to come together and share their creativity and inspiration.

Here is a class on Felting ‘Painting with Fiber’ with Sue Bunch and a seperate class on ‘Learn to Carve your own Rubber Stamps’ with Barb Miller, in the Red Room.

This year the event was spread out over two days, and attendees were able to attend classes in hand spindling of all levels, knitting, natural dyeing, fabric stamping and intuitive pattern making as well as a variety of others.

A peek at the busy schedule:

Friday January 23rd – 9am to 12pm

Beginning Hand Spindling: with Val Hilburgh and Susan Swiggers  –  Students learned to spin a reasonably consistent single strand of yarn on a hand spindle from roving, how to split roving for spinning, and how to wind the spun yarn off the spindle into a ball or butterfly for plying. Class fee includes fiber.

Learn to Carve your own Rubber Stamps: with Barb Miller  –  Create your own homemade rubber stamp that, ever after, you can use in a variety of ways: make your own note cards, press into clay, illustrate a poem or stamp onto fabric. In this class you will have time to create several original stamps beginning very simply and getting as sophisticated as you like. The process is easy and fun, and you will catch on quickly. You will take away all the stamps you make as well as five finished note cards with envelopes. Class fee includes materials, tools will be available to use and purchase.

Painting with Fiber: with Sue Bunch  –  Using a combination of wet felting and needlefelting learn the techniques to paint with fiber. Blend fiber colors and textures to 
create your own beautiful felted painting. Success is guaranteed. Class is suitable for beginners or advanced felters. Finished painting size will be approximately 10″ x 12″

Advanced/Intermediate Knitting: with Judith Flately  – 
Knit a sampler in which you learn and choose from several ways of casting on and casting off along with various methods of stitch increases and decreases. Time permitting, the class may also include ribbings and simple cables. Students must know basics of knitting and purling. Class fee includes yarn.

Report about the Fiber Retreat 2015 continues on Friday, January 30. 2015.

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