Here are a few more photos of the fourth annual Meet & Greet Fiber Retreat at Arcosanti last week-end.

[photos by Sue Kirsch, text by Julia Dorn-Giarmoleo]

120 fiber artists from all over the country came together and shared their creativity and inspiration.

Attendees were able to attend classes in hand spindling of all levels, knitting, natural dyeing, fabric stamping and intuitive pattern making as well as a variety of others.

Here we can see “Painting with Fiber” using a combination of wet felting and needlefelting …

… with awesome results.

There was also an inspiring presentation by master handweaver Joanne Tallarovic …

… and various vendors set up in the Café, here georgeous felted hats and other works by AzceltHandmade’s Louise Hall.

Louise Hall with one of her handknit master pieces.

Last Saturdays schedule:

Saturday, January 24 — 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Seamless 3D Wet Felting with Tasha Miller Griffith –
exploring the magic of seamless, stitchless, yet permanent & sturdy 3D felt! Make a case for your phone or a treasured object, or a creative free-form vessel, using nothing but soft fluffy wool, water, and elbow grease. Along the way, we’ll discover how to shape wool almost like clay, and look into some ways to use color in felt, with their effects on the finished piece. No felting experience required, beginners welcome. Class fee includes materials.

Washi with ElnaJean Beyst-Martony – refers to fine Japanese handmade paper, or the respected art form of using washi to cover an object of simplicity and symbolic significance. Washi paper (frequently from Kozo fibers)has exceptional tensile strength and no grain, making it ideal for even fine cutting and smooth gluing. The simplicity of the egg shape reflects its outer strength as well as symbolism for creation, new life, rebirth of self, or as a gift for wishes for prosperity. This class includes both a demo as well as hands-on experience with guided instruction and materials for creating your very own washi egg. Everyone will complete at least their 1st, some both, while others take home their 2nd egg shell and paper. Everyone will be able to independently complete their 2nd egg at home. Class fee includes materials.

Natural Dye – Indigo: with Zuni F. Ishikawa
This is a class for beginners. Students will dye yarn using indigo (blue), which is a natural dye. Students should bring 4oz of animal fiber yarn. If they wish to mix their indigo yarn with the morning cochineal dye for a royal purple, they will need extra yarn.

Overall it was a great success and we are looking forward to welcoming the Fiber Retreat again in 2016!

Here is a link to additional photos, sent by Lisa Takata.

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