The exhibition “The Visionary Experience – Saint Francis to Finster” is open in the AMERICAN VISIONARY ART MUSEUM in Baltimore, Maryland on October 4. 2014 until August 31. 2015.

[photos by George Kosmides, text excerpts from the exhibition catalog by Sue Kirsch]

A few pieces of Paolo Soleri’s work are part of this exhibition and alumni George Kosmides and his wife Jeanne snuck a few photos to share with us.

The exhibition champions the many creative pathways to the source of fresh invention – humanities fortunate moments of “Aha!” and “Eureka!” – which are open to all of us.

Filmmaker, book publisher and lover of the great mysteries, curater of this exhibition Jodi Wille has assembled an out-of-this world exhibition cast of artistic characters – saints and rogues – who have tethered the sky to the earth, dream to reality, the math of the cosmos to the micro world of the daisy.

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