More about his years Annual Resident Art Show, which opened last Saturday, February 14. 2015, Valentines Day.

Here is a selection of a few more photos from the work of a much larger group of artists and artisans.

Precious stones worked into gorgeous neckpieces by Linda Fournier.

[photos by Sue Kirsch]

The youngest contributor is Arcosanti resident Rowan, here with his photography.

Intricate bronze pendants by Brenday Seigl .

Drawings and fabric paintings by Colleen Reckow.

Drawings and greeting cards, as well as crochet scarves by Maria Soleri, who works at Cosanti.

A ceramic wall hanging “Shell Dragon” by alumnus Richard Johnson.

Visitors can view the exhibit throughout the day, and make purchases in the gallery from 9 am to 5 pm. The arts show will remain on display until through May 3rd 2015.

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