We reported about new insulation work on the roof of East Housing in July 2014; you can see details on July 18. – 23. and July 28 2014.

Work has intermittently progressed during the winter month, making and placing pavers on the surface of the roof to protect the new insulation. There is a new set of steps to the Sky Suite, that we will report on next week, metal covers for utility vents are being fabricated in the Arcosanti metal shop, and the railings on are to be modified.

Here we see Dillon Quibin, who is part of the construction crew, grinding through posts of the railing on top of East Housing.

Workshop participant Laura Mahieu is grinding.

[photos by archive volunteer Chihiro Saito]

Per county regulations the railing has to be a certain height and here the crew is lifting the upper part and installing extenders at each of the posts. 

More to come.

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