“On a sunny afternoon in the ceramics apse, March 30th 2015, two of Arcosanti’s residents were married!

A three-piece bluegrass band, Steffan Phillips presided the ceremony, and Alix Dewald expressed a blessing over the event and the couple.

This uncomplicated yet beautiful ceremony was a perfect reflection of the effortless love of these two individuals.

Following suit with the bride and groom respectively, the bridesmaids wore crowns of freshly-picked wildflowers and the groomsmen wore vests over their bare-chests.

The ceremony included the exchange of ceramic wedding rings carved by the groom which were used as molds for the casting of more permanent bronze wedding rings.

After the ceremony, everyone was invited down to the foundry where the bride and groom broke out the sand mold that held their freshly-cast bronze wedding rings.

Following the ceremony, there was a dinner celebration of hand-made pizzas made in the cob oven in camp. Everyone celebrated the bride and groom with a brief toast or congratulations over a bottle of champagne. It was a most beautiful day to celebrate the union of two of Arcosanti’s beloved residents.”

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