A supercharged collaborative energy took over Arcosanti the weekend of April 4th as the community worked together to prepare a delicious Japanese meal for Saturday’s Taiko drumming event.

[meal photos by Chihiro Saito, text by Hildemar Cruz]

Headed by Chihiro Saito, over 20 residents came together to chop, batter and fry for the event. Visitors and Arconauts had the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful meal.

After dinner, everyone made their way up to the East Crescent roof top ….

…. for a magical performance by Arizona Taiko Drumming Troop; Ken Koshio & Jakara accompanied by Japanese Bamboo flute player Koto Kono.

[event photos by Tomiaki Tamura, text by Hildemar Cruz]

The moon rose and so did everyone’s spirits as spring was welcomed in.

In addition to the magic of the evening there was a special surprise celebration for Ken Koshio’s birthday!

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