photo by Colleen Conneryphoto by Colleen ConneryArcosanti’s annual summer food and music event, Italian Night was kicked off with the dinner in the spacious Vaults. Nearly 200 people dined in this popular outdoor venue. The menu included appetizers, traditional wheelbarrel pasta, Entrée and Salad, followed by Gelato Italiano, served by a Scottsdale icecream vender who has catered this event’s dessert course for last several years.

[Text by ttmr / photos by cc and ttmr]

photo by Tomiaki Tamuraphoto by Tomiaki TamuraAfter dinner, the audience strolled into the amphitheater and was entertained by the virtuosity of accordionist/composer Nick Ariondo who played a variety of music with his two differently-tuned accordions and piano on stage. Nick also demonstrated how the mechanism of his instrument works and its history.

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