photo by Rob Jamesonphoto by Rob JamesonThe IT onsite administrator Travis Neal (on the left) is cordinating with workshoppers to install a series of conduits/ethernet cables in Camp where the WiFi signal is received from the transmitter up-the-hill and needs to be distributed to the key areas in camp for further WiFi redistribution.

[Text by ttmr and photos by rj]

photo by Rob Jamesonphoto by Rob JamesonThe workshop crew members are digging trenches to get ready for the hardwire (Cat5e) installation.

photo by Rob Jamesonphoto by Rob JamesonArcosanti has IT services providing onsite network capability connecting to the Internet. The dedicated fiber line was installed few years ago as the backbone internet services to the site. Once the services reach the site entrance (demarcation) point, our IT crew completes the distribution system throughout the site,

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