photo by Tomiaki Tamuraphoto by Tomiaki TamuraEast Housing, together with West Housing, is bookending (buttressing) the iconic Arcosanti South Vault. As the name implies, East Housing has been a collection of apartments, some are private and others are shared by the residents. Originally a family occupied the main quarter that includes a large kitchen and living area. However, over the years, the spacious interior  was devided into smaller units as the building’s needs changed.

After some discussions, we have decided to remove the walls and ceiling to open up the space, closer to the original conditions. This approach will reveal its dynamic silcast ceiling to all people visiting the East Housing main floor, instead of blocking the view to accommodate one occupant.

[Text and photos by ttmr]

photo by Tomiaki Tamuraphoto by Tomiaki TamuraThe demolition of the interior walls and ceiling, mostly made of lumber, plywood and sheetrock, has begun. Construction staff Issac Mueske (with bloom), and contruction volunteers Conor Denison (on the stairs) and Anna Petrovska gather debries from the initial teardown.

photo by Tomiaki Tamuraphoto by Tomiaki TamuraA peek at the Soleri-trademaked siltcast work through the holes in the peeled ceiling. The spiral design on the concrete ceiling done in early 1970s was originally seen by every visitor to the building. However it has not been visible for consequent decades unless invited by the occupant upstairs. Hopefully we will reveal more details of the building as the project makes further progress.

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