photo by Tomiaki Tamuraphoto by Tomiaki TamuraOne of the best spots at Arcosanti to have expansive view of the Arizona highlands (3,700 feet above sea level) is to go up the stairs to reach the roof of East Housing. The roof terrace is also shared by overnight guests at the photo by Tomiaki Tamuraphoto by Tomiaki TamuraArcosanti construction crew that consists of many of the workshop participants resumes the concrete casting for the stepped-planters.  This early morning routine leaves one more planter to go to complete the project.

photo by Tomiaki Tamuraphoto by Tomiaki TamuraThis is a part of building restoration project to meet the maintenance and functionality needs as the building ages and its usage deversified. Our planning department has worked on a plan to identify the design issues and developed a set of renderings and working drawings for execution.

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