Here is a communication from Ruth-Claire Weintraub to all alumni:

“I’ve been awarded a grant by the NY Center for Architecture to carry out an in-depth study of builders who came to Cosanti or/and Arcosanti as architecture students or as graduates of architecture schools.

If you’re one such person and are interested in relating your experience – all gathered information will be treated as strictly confidential, and I’ll ask for your signed consent to being interviewed (and photographed, too, if that’s OK with you as well) however we meet – please get in touch w/ me ASAP by email or phone?

There will be opportunity later if your schedule means you are unavailable at this time. And if your field of study was not architecture at the time, please reply just the same! You can put “not architecture” in the subject line so I don’t mix apples with oranges, OK?
Thanking you in advance,

I am yours gratefully RC

Ruth Claire web-site

2015 Arnold W. Brunner grant on Ruth Claire web-site     

phone calls from USA: 631.351.3435
phone calls from Canada: 250.358.6808
      RC Weintraub, MSW, MScEd

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