The Arcosanti Community and Slow Food Prescott hosted its second annual Mesquite Harvest and Pancake Breakfast on Saturday 22nd. With 90 people attending a sold-out event, we are calling it a success and are hoping to expand in the future.

[text by Colleen Reckow, photos by Sue Kirsch]

Harvesters collect mesquite bean pods from trees on site at Arcosanti. The pickings were a little sparse as the pods are still ripening, but the experience was a chance to learn and ask questions.

Current Arcosanti residents joined the harvest. Pods will be collected for future mesquite events. In all, 10 gallons of bean pods were harvested that morning, a good start.

Mesquite trees are legume plants and produce bean pods that ripen mid-summer. The pods can later be milled into a highly nutritious and sweet flour.

Colleen Reckow, Arcosanti Resident and Slow Food Prescott member, organized the event. Here she is speaking about the local sources of food for the breakfast.

This report continues on Monday, Sept. 1. 2015.

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