Arcosanti was charged with energy on Saturday 9/19/2015, when over 200 performers came to sing the compositions of world-celebrated Morten Lauridsen during this year’s Colly Concert: ILLUMINATION LUX AETERNA.

The day was packed with rehearsals and in this photo we can see the afternoon choir workshop in the Vaults. The group is the NAU Shrine of Ages choir with conductor Dr. Edith Copley.

[photo by Jeff Stein, text by Zoe Lieb and Sue Kirsch]

Pianist and event co-orginizer Lynne Heaseler welcomes the choir and audience, and introduces the composer Morten Lauridson.

[photo by Sue Kirsch]

Morten Lauridsen spoke at length of his early training and experiences, inspiration and thoughts.

[photo by Sue Kirsch]

Morten Lauridsen.

“I simply try to write something very beautuful. A meditation. A quiet meditation about illumination. And people connect with that. Makes no difference where it is, who it is. People are able to hear the music and very often go into a trasformative state. It connects with something very deep inside of them.”

­– Reflection on Lux Aeterna by Morten Lauridsen

[photo by Sue Kirsch]

There was choir practice through-out the day in the Colly Soleri Amphitheater.

[photo by Sue Kirsch]

More to come.

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