This Saturday, October 17th 2015 marked the final performance and culmination of the Global Stilt Congress enacting “The Legislation: Food & Shelter” at Arcosanti. The collaborative performance includes guest musicians, a collection of international professional stilt performers from the Global Stilts Congress and some spoken word by poet Logan DirtyVerbs.

[photo by Colleen Connery, all text by Hildemar Cruz]

The performance began in the Minds Garden, with an explosive expression of the consequences of violence on our identity.

[photo by Sue Kirsch]

Soon thereafter the performers began their collaboration with the unique architecture at Arcosanti including the guiding words of Logan which really set the pace and transitions of the piece.

[photo by Colleen Connery]

As the sun was setting the crowd was ushered over to the amphitheater were they got to sit close together as our stilt performers climbed, contorted and danced through the space. 

[photo by Colleen Connery]

The international crew of acrostilters integrated aerial dance, butoh, contact improvisation, axis syllabus and afro-carribean dances with live music complementing every movement.

[photo by Colleen Connery]

The crowd reached the vaults by the time the night grew dark. Entranced by aerial and pyrotechnic dances, the words of Logan echoed over and drove home the lasting message of the performance:

Flesh of this flesh, word of this word,
this congressional body made of many bodies
understands legislation is this poetry
and this poetry is written in the body.

[photo by Hildemar Cruz]

After the performance creative director Jay Ruby provided a touching message of gratitude to all our guest, performers and residents and shared some hot spiced cider. Just when you thought the evening was full, a dance party DJ’ed by Logan DirtyVerbs played on through the night.

[photo by Sue Kirsch]

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