Console Generale Italiano Dr. Antonio Verde made a visit to Cosanti in Paradise Valley this past Friday, October 30. He was accompanied by Valeria Rumori, director of the Istituto Italiano de Cultura in Los Angeles, and by Honorary Consul of Phoenix, Massimo Paolillo.

[photos and text by Jeff Stein]

Cosanti’s Board of Directors meet with Italy’s Consul General in the historic Cosanti Foundation office.

The Board of Directors of Cosanti spent the morning with the Consul General, introducing him to the historic Cosanti buildings and bronze bell-making process. This was Dr. Verde’s first visit to Cosanti, though he was already well-read about Paolo Soleri and his work. Dr. Verde’s visit was a first step in strengthening the relationship between Cosanti/Arcosanti and the Italian Consul General’s office.

Roger Tomalty leads Consul General Dr. Antonio Verde and Director of the Istituto Italiano Di Cultura, Valeria Rumori on a tour of Cosanti.

We look forward to a future visit to Arcosanti, perhaps as early as this summer, 2016.

[photos and text by Jeff Stein]

Cosanti Board of Directors member Matteo DiMichele
Honorary Consul in Phoenix, Massimo Paolillo
Valeria Rumori, director of Istituto Italiano di Cultura
Consul General of Italy Dr. Antonio Verde
witness a bronze pour at the Cosanti foundry in Paradise Valley.

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