We welcomed back members of the advisory Strategic Planning Steering Committee (“SC”) of the Cosanti Foundation. The group had their fourth meeting at the Arcosanti site this past week-end, the team started working together one year ago.

As The Cosanti Foundation marks its 50th anniversary this year, work proceeds apace at both Cosanti and Arcosanti, the sites first developed by their founder, the late Paolo Soleri. Education, design, construction, crafts, exhibitions, publishing, tourism, media, preservation … all this work continues to grow under the Foundation’s direction.

Now in the post-Soleri era of the life of our institution, the Foundation’s Board of Directors has established a Strategic Plan Steering Committee comprised of some current residents and alumni participants. The Strategic Planning Steering Committee will assist the Board in the development of a strategic plan for the Foundation’s future and will create a funding and resource plan to support it.

You can find past STRATEGIC PLANNING PROGRESS REPORTS from 2015.09.05 and 2015.04.30, and 2015.03.31.

[photo by Sue Kirsch]

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