On Wednesday and Thursday, November 11. and 12., Architect Craig Hodgetts brought some of the architecture students from UCLA, Los Angeles, for a two day visit.

Here is the group during a tour of the Soleri Archives.

At morning meeting.

[photos by Hildemar Cruz, text by Jeff Stein, Sue Kirsch]

The group joined our new workshop participants and some of the Arcosanti staff for FRUGAL SOUP. Here everyone sits in a circle with simple soup and bread to remember people less fortunate. After some minutes of silence, people share thoughts about hunger and related issues.

Architect CRAIG HOGETTS is a partner in the renowned Los Angeles firm with Hsinming Fung, of Hodgetts and Fung. 

Craig Hodgetts, a member of the UCLA architecture faculty since 1972, worked for Sir James Stirling and formed StudioWorks before opening a firm with his partner, Hsinming Fung, in 1984. The work of Hodgetts + Fung Design and Architecture has been published extensively and has received numerous awards, including First Design Awards from Progressive Architecture, an AIA Library Buildings Award for UCLA Towell Library, the National Trust for Historic Preservation Honor Award for the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, and the Chrysler Award for Innovation in Design.

Current projects include Jesuit Chapel in Sacramento, a mixed-use hotel in West Hollywood, and an amphitheater on the Nashville Riverfront. In 2005 the Los Angeles Architectural Forum honored Hodgetts and his partner for career contributions to the architectural culture of Los Angeles and he is the recipient of the Los Angeles American Institute of Architecture teacher of the year award in recognition of his continuing influence of his teaching upon students. Hodgetts is also the recipient in 2006 of the Los Angeles American Institute of Architecture Gold Medal Award and in 2008 received the AIACC Firm of the Year Award.  A monograph of his firm’s work Hodgetts + Fung (United Asia Art and Design Corporation) was published in 2005.

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