It was a night filled with Gumbo, swampy guitars and shouts of butter! Walter Parks, legendary songwriter, vocalist, guitarist and bassist originally from Jacksonville, FL returns to Arcosanti and filled the cafe with the bluesy sounds of his solo acoustic performance.

[photo and text by Hildemar Cruz]

The night kicked off with a delicious Louisiana style dinner of muddog chowder, butternut gumbo, quinoa jambalaya, three types of salads and double chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream and honey orange soaked berries for dessert. Dressed up with an impromptu build stage, hanging swamp grass and a red chandelier, the cafe was warm and welcoming; setting the right mood of the intimate performance.

Walter has been visiting Arcosanti since 2003 when playing with Richie Havens. Since then he has continued to visit and perform throughout the years. His performance Saturday night was both heart breaking and full of humor.

He filled the spaces in between songs with personal stories and anecdotes, truly creating an intimate exchange with the crowd. Parks has a fascinating way of playing a guitar acoustically and creating a beat by simply tapping on his guitar. Things got really moving during the performance of one particular song about southern living, which got the audience chanting along and screaming out the word “butter”!

As usual, Walter Parks filled Arcosanti with an array of laughs and sighs but mostly with smiles.

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