It was a time for celebrating at Arcosanti, as residents, alumni, family and visitors gathered for Thanksgiving. Every year the café hosts a warm and cozy space filled with laughter, cheer and lots of food.

[all photos by Sue Kirsch, text by Hildemar Cruz]

The café provided the main dishes of the meal, which included 4 turkeys, cornbread stuffing, mash potatoes and gravy. We were lucky to have Melanie Husband agree to cook, this marking her fifth year of preparing the main dishes. Although Melanie cooked the turkeys, one tradition that has held through the years is for Tomiaki Tamura to carve the turkey.

To keep true to the spirit of giving the attendees provided the rest of the fixings, which included hearty family recipes and dishes from all over the world to satisfy all types of dietary needs. The abundance of food was so great; we even had a table just for desserts!

Old friends reunited and each table had a great mix of new comers and old timers.

Graciously, one of the most timeless traditions in Arcosanti’s Thanksgiving meals is the toast of gratitude at the end.

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