Lights dimmed and lit candles set the mood for the final event of the year held last Saturday, at Arcosanti. Edison, the Denver, Colorado Alternative Folk-Pop Ensemble graced our makeshift stage in the Cafe with their harmonization and Capella style performances.

[all photos by Laura Villa Baroncelli, text by Hildemar Cruz]

The trio made up of, Sarah Slaton, Dustin Morris, and Maxwell Hughes, carries an air of curiosity and wander with a trace of hopefulness amid unpredictability. Vocalist, Slaton had a very playful way of engaging the audience in between songs with her honest and vulnerable story telling. This honesty was very present during their set. Audience members were moved as the band’s melodious performance echoed through site. 

The band has been on an “Open Road Tour” this fall traveling all across the states. During their travels, the band writes new songs based on the environments and cities they encounter. Arcosanti helped inspire some new songs, so stay tuned for their releases.

At the end of their set, the band asked the audience if everyone was up for an adventure. A small progression lead by strumming guitars brought us to the Vaults for the last song of the night. Edison is a band full of passion and the ability to capture their audience by bravely sharing the honesty of human emotion. 

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