Architect Carlos Traslavina from Columbia attended the November 8. 2015 workshop and volunteered for a week in the Soleri archives. Carlos is in the middle in front.

[photos and text by Sue Kirsch]

Last week he shared with us a presentation of his thesis SYMBIOTIC ARCHITECTURE, that he and fellow student and Arcosanti alumnus Mario Botero presented at the Universidad Piloto Colombia, Facultad de Arquitecura y Artes, Metodologia de la inverstigacion.

[photo] Architect Mario Andres Botero Giraldo from Columbia attended the January 27. 2008 workshop and interned in the planning department for six month.

In the introduction to their thesis they state:

“Many architects tend to wrongly conceive the environment and their status as an exclusively physical and spatial area, without a full awareness of ecological and existing biological systems in the environment where the projects will be located.

The planning of genuinely ecological project, the concept of environment has to be understood in a much more comprehensive way, encompassing not only the physical environment [inorganic] for the building, but also the biological [organic – nature].

Symbiotic architecture means organizing the relationship between individual, habitat and nature or environment, such as a system of rules and parameters which react with each other, the habitat to the extent of nature.

Constructions with ecological and biological points of view, an an integrated system, being part of a system designed as it is Mother Earth.”

Carlos presented a fascinating and impressive project, a large educational facility, where the many facets of design included the surrounding country side and landscape, near communities, transportation, sophisticated and thoughtful materials, the biological environment of the setting and so much more, in a most harmonious and practical way.

Both architects received highest honors for this project.

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