Every piece of the Cosanti Originals Collection was designed by Paolo Soleri and is embellished by skilled artisans in sympathy with his compositional standards. Revenues from their sale help to support the construction efforts at Arcosanti.

The Foundry staff work in a beautiful open air studio overlooking the Agua Fria River valley, shaded by a Siltcast Apse.

The Bronze Foundry is a stop on the Arcosanti Site Tour and if you visit with the 10 am tour, you just might have the opportunity to see a bronze pour.

Crafting the bronze wind bells is a labor intensive process. Presently the Foundry Apse is workspace for eleven artisans who shape the sand molds and pour the molten liquid metal to cast Soleri Original bells.

The present foundry crew are, front row from left:
Dillon Quibin,
Foundry manager Andy Chao,
Allie Gibbs,
and Taylor Courtland.

back row from left:
Charlie Wicker,
Zeb Hornberger,
Ryan David,
Steffan Phillips,
Brendan Seigl,
and Robert White.

part of the staff, not in the photo:
Jonas Fister

Here is a link to the world famous collection of bells and sculptures.

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