The Facilities Maintenance department repairs physical structures and equipment while monitoring mechanical systems and our recycling program.

from left:

Brent Scott, maintenance coordinator,

Lorenzo Mastino,

Jeff Fisher,

Patrick Louie…

… and Pete Seiter works in the maintenance department part time.

Brent Scott: “The Arcosanti Maintenance crew is committed to quality work. Every repair we do is done to the best of our ability with correctness, quality, serviceability, and longevity.

Every aspect of the physical plant is within the realm of the Maintenance Department. We strive to correct original mistakes in construction and design or previous maintenance to upgrade the situation to meet the criteria of the department in correctness, quality, serviceability, and longevity.”

[photos by Sue Kirsch]

Also part of the maintenance department, but mostly dedicated to carpentry, here is long-time resident Randall Schultz.

Workshop participants that are interested in being part of the maintenance crew: Students can expect a learning experience with electric, plumbing, gas, carpentry, tile, masonry, painting and metal work.

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