The Arcosanti Planning and Drafting department has the unique opportunity of living and working in the space that we are designing.  As we work on development of the Arcosanti environment and more theoretical urban complexes, we try to reflect our design principles such as mixed use space allocation, households with shared facilities, frugality of space, and passive solar designs.

Present Planning Department crew, from left:

Cecilia Cavallo,

Flavio Borrelli, planning manager

Planning manager Flavio Borrelli:

“The Planning Department is a crucial tool at the service of the Cosanti Foundation in order to develop Arcosanti and move forward with the urban research and our architectural commitment.
It is a creative and dynamic place where we develop and share ideas about architecture and city planning.
It takes up a whole wing of the office and is provided with five workstations, proper daylight comes from the openings, beautiful views out of the windows and a creative atmosphere embrace the space everyday.

Because of the multidisciplinary nature of our work, the Planning Department assumes the form of an experimental laboratory taking care of the ever changing Arcosanti demands: it has to give answers for the daily present and come up with fresh ideas that look to the near future. Our body of work ranges from architecture project management and renovation projects of existing buildings, to the development of ideas and design competitions, to the understanding and planning of Arcosanti’s future advancement.

Working for the Planning Department means to have an incredible opportunity to share ideas, interests, and enthusiasm, mandatory in order to take part of our team. You can start the adventure by applying for the next Internship program with the possibility to join the team of architects and builders that since the 70’s are working passionately on the implementation of this incredible urban dream.”

Internships: The program includes preparation of construction documents, field inspection and survey, and drawings for future projects.  We also plan and design restoration projects on site and research alternative materials and construction systems.  If you are able to commit 3 months and are qualified, an internship may be for you.  Requirements include; architectural drafting and design experience and proficiency with AutoCAD, 3dsMAX, REVIT (or similar). See internship programs.

[photo by Sue Kirsch]

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