The Arcosanti Cafe would like a mural designed for the back wall behind our serving area. This is the wall separating our serving tables from our food prep area and is seen by everyone eating at the cafe. The cafe would like a newly painted mural on this wall in the style of Soleri.

[text by cafe staff member Pete Seiter]

This mural could be painted and textured, however it also needs to be easily cleaned and sanitized as this is a food service area. We would also like space on this wall to display the menu for the day, currently we are using two large white boards, however we would like to have chalkboard paint on a part of the wall to display the menu in the future.

The cafe would like the mural to be designed in a way that fits well within the Arcosanti aesthetic, yet something that is also able to uniquely identify the space as the Arcosanti Cafe.

The paintable surface on this wall is 48.5 inches in height and 226.5 inches in length. The requested space for the chalkboard paint is about 24 inches in height and 83 inches in length, positioned near the top right corner of the wall; this is the space directly behind our steam tables and allows us to display what hot dish is being served in each steam table. 

The competion closes on March 18. 2016 and the winner will be announced on April 1. 2016.

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