We received an e-mail from “Different Skies” organizer Mike Metley:

Jonathan Wayne “Slate” Mills, scientist, educator, and musician, has succumbed to a recurrence of the cancer that plagued him for well over a decade. A performer at several of the Different Skies festivals at Arcosanti, Jonathan was responsible for a number of well-remembered compositions, including “The Fire Balloons”, a video for which may be seen here:


The Different Skies family and the people of Arcosanti have lost an inspiring friend. Goodbye, Jonathan.

2009 Different Skies participants:
[back row from left]
Ivan Schwartz, Allen Goodman, Brian Good, Bill Marx, Rus Foster, Jonathan Mills, John Rossi III, Giles Reaves and John Krikawa.
[front row from left]
Greg Hurley, Bill Fox, Kevin Haller, Mike Metlay, Otso Pakarinen and Tim Walters.

see some of the Different Skies postings with Jonathan Wayne “Slate” Mills at






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