This year we celebrated a lively Chinese New Year and Vietnamese Tet at Arcosanti with an unforgettable meal that was led by our enthusiastic Asian workshop participants, Carole Hao, Vicky Xue and Betty Nguyen with the help of Workshop Coordinator Assistant, Hildemar Cruz.

[photos by archive volunteer Leah Ann Walker, text by Betty Nguyen]

In the photo from left around the table:
all workshop participants: the back of Andrew Herman with green hat, Carole Hao, hidden behind Carole is Meshell Whittaker, Lana Morris, Rachel Holderbach, Vicky Xue, Betty Nguyen and Steven Black.

Over 700 handmade dumplings were stretched, shaped and folded by our lovely volunteers all afternoon creating a synergy more akin to a family-style gathering. Staff member Leah-Ann Walker decked out the dining hall with red crepe paper and gold-foiled symbols of luck and fortune for the lunar new year. Betty spent over three days hanging and drying a custom recipe for Peking duck, that was special ordered by Arcosanti Chef, Peter Dahm.

In the photo are archive volunteer Dorothy Chao, Vicky Xue, Carole Hao, in the background chef Peter Dahm, Meshell Whittaker and Hildemar Cruz.

The staff, residents, workshop crew and visitors converged in the evening to share the most important annual celebration for the Vietnamese and Chinese cultures. We were ecstatic to be a part of honoring the colorful traditions of our workshop family, as they extend the boundaries of our Arcology.

In the photo are workshop participants Sam Burhoe, Betty Nguyen, staff Hildemar Cruz, Carole Hao and Vicky Xue.

beef and celery dumpling
black mushroom and leek dumpling
pork and ginger
seaweed soup
peking duck
tomato and fried eggs
sweet and spicy potato
sauteed cauliflower
dried french beans

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